Thursday, July 23, 2009


Good Day!
I know it's been FOREVER since I last posted (I did erase like 3 I managed to squeeze in over the past 8 months). However, I have been able to invest what time I have had to our online boutique! We have a few great new items in the store we are really excited about! Take a look at just one of our newest just added into inventory.

Come check out one of our newest items at Tini Tot!
Just one of our most fabulous newest items is the snack happened by Itzy Ritzy! These are great lil bags for your tini tot's hands! (7 inches x 7 inches) They are machine washable, 100% cotton, and a lead free YKK zipper top that keeps crumbs, drips & contents securely inside! An added bonus is it's also ECO-FRIENDLY! And for green mom's like me that's important! You can grab one of these lil babies for yours and it will pay for itself within the first couple of uses! No more holes, drips, or wasteful plastic baggies! So easy to clean to! Just pop in the washer with your delicates and tumble dry on low.

Just for a few short hours our store will be closed for purchases, but you may contact us at for the time being to place any orders.

Have a Beautiful Day!

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